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System Requirements

Razuna is available and tested on the following platforms:

  • RedHat 4.x/5.x and later versions (includes CentOS) (tested up to RedHat 6.5)
  • Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 and later versions (server and desktop) (tested up to 14.04 LTS)
  • MacOS X 10.x and later versions (server and desktop) (tested up to 10.9.x)
  • Windows 2003/2008 R2 (tested up to Windows Server 2012)

Not tested, but known to work are;

  • OpenSuse 11
  • Any version of Debian Linux
  • Solaris/OpenSolaris

The recommendation for a server setup greatly depends on the usage. Rule of thumb is to have as much memory (RAM) available to the Razuna server as possible. You can run Razuna with 8GB RAM, but if you look into uploading 10'000 images or large images or videos the server needs to have enough ressources to "work" with the files. Configuring a Java application is unfortunately not a "fixed" thing and should be tuned individually. That said, our recommendation is a server with:
  • 16GB RAM
  • 3Ghz CPU
Storage depends on your deployment. But in any case, fast disk access will benefit the overall performance. 

The only system requirements is that you have Java 8 (for Razuna 1.8) installed on your system. Razuna 1.7 and less will run with Java 7.

Database support

Razuna 1.6.x comes with a high performance embedded database and runs by default on this database. You can also use Razuna with the MySQL database or an Microsoft's MS SQL server.

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  1. Anonymous

    I've been trying to install Razuna on a windows machine and have not been able to get it to work. Even the supposedly quick and easy to install Standalone server is not easy to work with. I have been stopped by the fact the need to manually configure Java and Tomcat. There is little information here to help with this. I have been developing with CFML for a few years and was excited to try Razuna but don't have much experience working Java configuration files.It is a shame you guys didn't think to make this easier or at least provide more documetation on this step. I bet lots of CFML people have been put off already.

     As it stands now, when I try to start up Tomcat I get an error that the Catalina_Home variable is 'not defined properly'. I've tried following the instructions here but it still doesn't work. As this is unfamiliar territory for me I am not sure what to try next.

     Razuna seems like it couldf be great but only it one can get it working.

    1. Hello (anonymous)

      I am very sorry to read that you are having problems getting Razuna up and running. Actually we have tested the "installation" under Windows quite extensively and other then having Java installed on the machine there are no other requirements.

      That said, please do the following:

      1. Copy the downloaded Razuna folder to your "C:" drive.

      2. Start the server from your command line with:

      There is actually nothing else to do then this. I don't think we can make it any easier.

      Since you have not provided me with what Windows OS you are working on I can just say that this works on 2000/XP/Server 2003.

      Please get back to me with any further questions. I hope this helps.

      1. Anonymous

        I am having the same problem.Is there any solution at all? Your solution doesn't work. I am using XP, FYI!

  2. Anonymous

    I'm another frustrated installer, not the one above, but with the same problems, running Windows XP.  Life's just too short for all this environmental variable stuff for me.  Sorry but it doesn't seem to justify hours fiddling with windows inner workings.

    1. All you have to do is;

      1. Install the Java JDK. Here is the direct link: Grab the one entitled "Java SE Development Kit (JDK)".

      2. Install ImageMagick, ExifTool and FFMpeg (all included in the download and available as installers).

      There is nothing else to do. This takes 5 minutes (ok to be fair, 10 minutes) of your life.

  3. Anonymous

    How easy is it to setup Razuna on a hosted service like namecheap hosting? What steps would be required to get Razuna up and running under this condition, if it is possible? Could you provide links to websites that are currently utilizing Razuna? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      Razuna can be installed on any server that allows you to have access to. Meaning, if you can have shell access to run the Razuna server and install the 3 needed 3rd party libraries then all should be running.

      There are detailed installation steps on this site at Installing Razuna, but in short you do this:

      1. Download the Razuna Standalone Server and extract it
      2. Install ImageMagick
      3. Install FFMpeg
      4. Install Exiftool

      Regarding your detailed inquiry about "namecheap". I went over to their site and see that they run all their servers on CentOS (which is good news). They use cPanel for their customers. With cPanel you get also access to the shell (SSH). So you should be fine with that as well.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, I just installd razuna on a windows2008 server.

    When I start the startup.bat  I get following message:

    JAVA_HOME "" contains spaces. Please change to a location without spaces if this
     causes problems.
    Neither the JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined
    At least one of these environment variable is needed to run this program

    I have just installed java SDK 6u23. 

    Where do I have to set this variables?

    EXIFF Tool is not longer in the installation file. There ist a windows standalone version. Can I use that instead of installing perl?


    1. Hi Markus,

      As the error message says you need to add the environment variable "JAVA_HOME" to your system.

      Go to "Control Panel"/"System". Under "Advanced Settings" in the "Advanced" Tab you will find a button with "Environment Variables". Enter the path to your Java installation directory.

      You will need to restart your command line session in order to apply the variables.

      Simply copy the provided exiftool.exe file to your c drive. It needs perl, so if you have perl already installed then there is nothing else to do, if not install perl.

      In the future please post questions over at

  5. Anonymous

    Do i have to use a 64-Bit-Plattform to use large mediafiles. e.g. 6GB .psb files

    1. I would suggest a 64bit platform in any case.

      In the future please post questions over at

  6. I have a cloud VM w/ CentOS, multiple static IP's  but only 2GB of RAM, powering a couple WordPress sites. I'm assuming that there would NOT be enough resources "left over" to run an instance of Razuna on one of the IP's?

    1. No, 2GB is definitely not enough to run it. I mean it will run, but you will soon run out of memory. Especially, when you want to add new files.

      1. Many shared hosting plans allocate well under 16GB for all the server's functions. So it sounds like this is NOT a viable DAM solution for a website / web based environment. Perhaps only good on a local in-office server?

        1. What? We have over 5000 customer and they deploy on many different environments. Ram requirements have nothing to do with web or in-house servers. Furthermore it is a "recommendation"!


          1. I don''t understand. You just said "2GB is definitely not enough to run it", but now you're saying "Ram requirements have nothing to do with" it? I asked because the environment I was thinking of installing Razuna on is a VM, hosted elsewhere, that runs our WordPress site. I wanted to use Razuna as the asset manager for those sites and our editorial team. Am I misunderstanding how Razuna works? Can Razuna be installed to a cloud VM, or not? Is the servers RAM then a limiting factor?


            1. Sorry to be misunderstood.

              In order to run Razuna reliable, you need at least 8GB RAM on your server. A DAM should always be installed on a dedicated server, since it takes up bandwidth and resources.